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Exclusively for all of you that have decided to rent your boat through Malinska boat rental, we have prepared a list of several hidden bays, secluded beaches and islands on the island of Krk, in Croatia and its surrounding area, which are going to be a real benefit for all those boat fans that are looking for incredible, private spots for relaxation. Our list of hidden bays and secluded beaches on the island of Krk and its surrounding area is made out of locations that Krk’s locals have been trying to keep out of the reach from visitors from centuries, but it is now available for you through our boat rental services. Enjoy your vacation fully!

1. Cavlena bay, island of Krk

Settled on the northwest part of the island, halfway between Glavotok and Malinska, this beautiful secluded bay, Cavlena, with its main beach, Vela Riva, is surely an amazing spot that cannot be missed. Rent one of the Malinska rent a boat vessels on the island of Krk, Croatia and make sure to visit this beautiful bay.

2. St. Juraj bay, island of Krk

St. Juraj bay can be found on the west or southwest part of the island, just after you start following the cost from Krk in the direction of Malinska. This beautiful, little, secluded bay is made for those looking for peaceful relaxation and enjoyment in the crystal clear Adriatic sea. If your are looking to visit this beautiful bay, make sure to rent one of the boats from the fantastic Malinska Boat Rental offer and visit St. Juraj bay!

3. Golden bay, island of Krk

Golden bay has found its place on the south part of the Krk island, halfway between Punat and Stara Baska and it has Golden in its name due to the beautiful golden cliffs behind the beach, which are making this amazing beach accessible only by following sea directions and thus, renting boats from our boat rental services will surely be your ideal choice.

4./5. Vela Luka and Mala Luka, island of Krk

Settled near each other, this two amazing secluded ports have been favorite destination of locals for centuries. Accessible only by walking for hours through the stones of the beautiful island of Krk or of course, by renting one of the boats from Malinska rent a boat offer, Vela Luka and Mala Luka will surely soon become your favorite Krk’s and Croatian destination.

6. St. Grgur island

On our list we have made sure to leave space for the second greenest Croatian island, Sv. Grgur, whose beauty has found place on the papers of many famous Croatian writers. Accessible by one of the boats from our offer, St. Grgur island will provide you with an amazing opportunity to feed deers which will gladly stop by and say hi. Make sure to see it while staying here!

7. Goli(naked) island

Visiting Goli island will surely give you a story that you will pass to your family or friends for years to come. Since 1949 it was a concentration camp for Yugoslavian political prisoners, which were sent there without proceeding. It has remained unsettled until today, but it is an amazing touristic place which you must visit and Malinska boat rental services will make sure that you do just that!

8. Plavnik island

Settled between Krk and Cres island, this beautiful unsettled Croatian island is one of the favorite destination of both Krk and Cres locals. Its main bay Krusija, an amazing bay hidden from winds, will surely become your favorite destination in no time! Rent one the Malinska rent a boat vessels and visit it while staying here!

9. Hruscica bay, island of Cres

Settled on the eastern part of the Cres island, this beautiful, hidden Croatian bay will surely be one of your best choices while staying here. Rent one of our boats on the island of Krk and make sure to visit Hruscica!

10. Beli, island of Cres

Last but not least! One of our favorite destination, Beli, which can be found on the beautiful island of Cres, with its little settlement on the top of the hill, 130 meters above the sea level, surrounded by the beautiful forest – Tramuntana, will quickly find its place in your heart, so make sure to rent one of the boats from our boat rental offer, settled on the beautiful island of Krk and visit Beli and the island of Cres.